Yoga Flow & Restorative Yoga – SAHARA MOON

Come Join Sahara in her world of Balance and Flow.
A space to come back to ourselves, reconnect and ground.

All Classes are in English, but Sahara does speak fluent french and can adjust accordingly to the students (She is in the process of learning the french yoga terminology).

Restorative Yoga is a beautiful REST practice. During these hour and a half classes we will be entering a deep Parasympathetic state of relaxation. A state of peace and calm to relax our mind, body and soul.
The way RY works is that during the class we will be going into 5-7 poses and staying in those poses from 10-20min. The amazing part of this practice is that each pose is held by props, there is no effort required.

This is a great class for anyone

  • Who is stressed or anxious on a daily basis
  • Who is looking for a really calm and relaxing class
  • Who needs to ground back into the self
  • Who wants to release the work day and come back to center

1 class 20€
5 classes 90€
10 classes 185€

Yoga Flow is based from Vynasa yoga
This is a mixed level class where we will be moving the body in 4 different directions during the class.
Part of Yoga Flow is to allow the stagnant or blocked energy we have in the body to move again and allow the Cosmic energy to move through us.

This is a great class for anyone

  • Who wants to move
  • Who wants to connect deeper to their body
  • Who is ready to push some boundaries
  • Who wants to flow

1 class 15
5 classes 70
10 classes 135

About Sahara
Sahara is a 500RYT (yoga teacher), Reiki Healer and Cosmic guide. Her Passion is to help others find balance within themselves using Energy work, Food, Yoga, Meditation, Movement and Eastern Medicine. She has travelled all over the world teaching yoga, coaching and offering transformational experiences to help others reconnect, rebalance and open up to their Cosmic Selves.